Friday, October 26, 2012

Tis the Season To Be Sick: Another Crazy Remedy

At work tonight one of our wonderful cooks noticed the croak in my voice. She asked if I was sick and I rolled my eyes and nodded my head to confirm her suspicion. She then smiled and replied in her cute Peruvian accent "I know what you need. I call you when its ready!" The cooks at work always try to make our lives better with their advice, customs, or life lessons that they have learned in what ever country they have traveled from. I laughed and said thank you, wondering what new custom I was going to learn about tonight.

About an hour later she told  me to come in to the kitchen. When I got there she handed me a steaming orange cut in fourths. (You can imagine the confusion on my face.) She made me sit down and said "eat! eat! you be better in the morning!" Again I laughed but figuring I had nothing to lose I ate the surprisingly delicious, very warm orange. After I was done I returned the dish and she told me what the secret was. She boiled the orange for 5-7 minutes and then gave it to me to eat and again assured me that I would be better by morning.

I thanked her again when back to work to finish my shift. My shift ended at about 8 pm. it is now 10:30 pm and I feel better then I have all week! I seriously can't even believe it! I still have a little bit of a sniffle and a tiny cough but my voice is back, my head and body aches are gone, and I no longer feel exhausted!

Since it is the season to be sick, I highly recommend this incredibly simple Peruvian recipe! Boil one orange for 5-7 minutes  cut into fourths, and eat :) She also told me to drink lots of Luke warm liquids, nothing to cold :)

All of you out there who think that this is just another one of those silly remedies  i dare you to try it! what have you got to lose?? :)

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